Building/Development Consultants (Planning)
The Building and Development Industry can, at times, be a confusing maze of regulatory and statutory requirements

JB can represent you by managing the intricacies of a planning application on your behalf. Examples are listed below.

Our Development Consulting Services Include:
  • Siting Dispensation
  • Development Applications
  • Material Change of Use / Reconfiguring a Lot
  • Assistance with Operational Work Applications
  • Approvals Management
  • Development Feasibility/Options Analysis
Specialist Technical Reporting

We are experienced, fully qualified building designers/consultants; able to present specialist building reports to many different entities, for a variety of reasons:

Commercial services we offer include working on projects such as:
  • Sub-standard Work: lifting floors, drummy tiles, poor rendering, leaks, cracks etc
  • Storm Damage: Wind (cyclone), Hail, Water (flooding), Impact (fallen trees)
  • Repairs: List Defects and Check standard of Completion and compliance with the National Construction Code/Australian Standards
  • Dilapidation: Reason, Rectification, Replacement, Demolition

When required, we will crawl under floors, climb atop rooves, step through and around buildings, measure, and photograph, all completed to ensure each detail is identified, listed and accurately reported. Our reports are factual with easily understood conclusions/recommendations.

If you have a problem with your building, we are able to provide technical reports to support your legal and/or insurance claims and our reports can also assist you during a mediation process.


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Queensland Building and Construction Commission

Our QBCC Licence allows us to design for all building classifications and all building heights. QBCC Licence: Class – Open (67805, 66266)

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